Your Road to Leisure



In the past, working hours were determined by the locking of factory gates. Now, changes in technology mean that we take the factory home with us, allowing work to invade every waking hour. Leisure time is in decline, and even what we would call leisure activities are being used for someone else's profit.

"Your Road to Leisure" remediated the Storstrejken of 1909 that took place in Malmö, Sweden. The research process  began with investigations into the historical details of Storstrejken through the archives of the Arbetarrörelsens Arkiv, Malmö. Ideations based upon the workers' use of stillness as an act of defiance and interview and survey based research about our current working conditions provided the foundations of our exhibition. Some physical artefacts from Storstejken inspired the design of the layout. The intervention itself was framed as a consultation process ending with a prescription for “pure leisure”. The consultation process consisted of three tasks navigated with a printed map that measured the participant’s level of hyperemployment. The results of the exhibition itself provided many valuable insights from participants about modern working conditions and could be seen as a piece of research in itself.



"Your Road to Leisure" was a collaboration with Kent Cam, Dorien Koelemeijer and Danai Tsouni


"Your Road to Leisure" has been exhibited at:

Media Evolution City, Malmö, March 2015

The Conference, Malmö, August 2015