After completing my training in contemporary dance I began creating my own performance work focusing on the subject of self-representation. This exploration led me to become interested in how we represent ourselves through digital technology. Within my new field of interaction design I investigate how technology mediates our sense of self and our relationships with others.


January 2017 – Current

PhD Student IT University of Copenhagen, DK

September 2014 – June 2016

Masters in Interaction Design, Malmö University, SE

September 2008 - June 2011

Bachelor of Performing Arts in Contemporary Dance, Northern School of Contemporary Dance (High 2:1), UK


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“The promises and problems of period-tracking apps”, Alphr, 2018

"Maintaining Relationships With Our Devices", Interactions: Volume 23 Issue 4, July - August 2016

“Contraception with New Technology But The Old Hormones”, Feminist Perspektiv, 2018


June 2015 - 2017

Co-founder Body Play Network

The Body Play Network is composed of two experienced games designers and myself. The Network was formed at the Lyst Games Jam in Helsinki, where we first met and went on to create our Award Winning physical game, “Surrender”.  The Body Play Network has then gone on to give talks in Berlin and Vienna and hold games jams bringing together dance and movement practitioners and games designers.

June - August 2015 

Internship at Crunchfish AB, Malmö, SE

I spent my two-month internship researching possible cases for the implementation of touchless technology. I created my own area of research within user experience design and conducted, documented and analysed user tests. Crunchfish used my findings as part of a social media campaign.

May 2013 - 2015 

Part-time Researcher for Living Archives research project at Malmö University, SE

During my time as a researcher I have been involved in conducting experiments combining live performance with augmented reality and leading workshops with students.


May 2016 "Maintaining relationships with Devices", CHI 2016, San Jose, U.S.

November 2015  "Re-enactments", AHA Festival, Gothenburg, SE

November 2015 "The Shells of My Former Self", Inkonst, Malmö, SE

July 2015 "Communicating with all of our parts", Danscentrum Syd, Malmö, SE

June 2014 "Private  Dance",  Lyst; Romance, Love and Sex in Games Summit, Helsinki, FI

Oct 2013 “Sarah” at Mungo Park Teaterbattle DK. Winner of “Best Concept”

Sept 2013 “Private Dance”,  Not Festival, DK

April 2013 “Wine Hour” performance for Dansens Dag, DK

Feb 2013 “SPOT ON” residency and performance, Dansehallerne, DK

Aug 2011 “One Free Dance”, installation at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, UK

Nov 2011 Physical Choreographer, “Gormenghast” by Paradox Theatre, UK


January 2018 “Turned On/Turned Off” Transitional States Film Exhibition

August 2015 “Your Road to Leisure” at "The Conference", Malmö, SE

March 2015 “Your Road to Leisure” at "Arduino Day" Malmö, SE

February 2015 “Who Are Tina”, "Somatic Archiving Symposium" Malmö, SE


May 2018 "Designing With The Changing Body", SenseLab, CA, 2018

February 2018 “Girls Gone Wild: Women Use Hormones to Take Control?”, Lincoln University, UK

November 2016 "Using Performance within Interaction Design”, The Royal College of Art, UK,

March 2016 Panel member at the Re-Enactments Symposium, Malmö, SE

October 2015 “Bodies, Senses and Play: The Making of a Physical Game”  at "F.R.O.G. - Future and Reality of Gaming" Vienna, AUT

May 2015 “Questions I ask myself when I work with sex” at "Lyst; Romance, Love and Sex in Games Summit" Helsinki, FI

March 2015 “Using Individual Memories to Design an Embodied and Immersive Collective Experience” at the "Student Interaction Design Research Conference" Kolding, DK